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Dear Editor,

The Occidental Undergraduate Law Review (OULR) is a newly formed organization on campus that is seeking more student involvement. The OULR provides an opportunity for undergraduates usually reserved for graduate students and professionals: the ability to publish or edit scholarly articles pertaining to an aspect of law that fits their passion or expertise. This includes, but is not limited to, Supreme Court rulings, social justice, American politics, international law, environmental law, philosophy of law, history of law, economic policy, etc.

The mission of the Occidental Undergraduate Law Review is to provide students with an authentic law review experience on a manageable, undergraduate scale. Our goal is to publish at least one journal annually. The journal will primarily exist online, but a physical journal with limited copies will be printed. The articles will consist of papers ranging from 8-12 pages (double spaced) with a target of 8-10 published articles per issue. The OULR, however, will not compromise the integrity or quality of the journal, even if that means fewer articles are published.

55 students and five professors are currently involved with the OULR. Professors Thalia Gonzalez, Roger Boesche, Richard Mora, Claire Morrissey, and Mary Christianakis culminate the executive board, where they work with student editors in assuring articles are publishable. The senior editorial team is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable upperclassmen interested in law. This team of students works closely with student writers to review and edit publishable articles. They also serve as mentors to junior editors, who assist senior editors in crafting the best article possible. This provides junior editors the opportunity to prepare for future senior editorial positions. Additionally, the OULR retains a business manager, secretary, marketing team, and student representatives.

While the majority of positions are filled, many opportunities for further student involvement are still available. All students are welcome to contribute to our blog on current legal issues, preparing for law school, and working in the legal field. We also missing the most important part of the law review, writers! Submissions can even include class articles, senior theses, and previous research or work experiences. The OULR will begin making official calls for submissions by the end of October to allow Winter Break to serve as a refurbishing period that prepares students for the final draft submissions in February.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved please contact Trace Larabee at

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