World News- Week of November 4th


Author: William Stupp

New Delhi. As people across India amass personal stocks of fireworks for the coming Hindu festival, Diwali, the government is preparing to launch a rocket of its own, the Mars-bound Mangalyaan on a nine-month journey. Despite recent inflation spikes and a slowed rate of growth, India’s aerospace aspirations have secured the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) funding for the $74 million spacecraft. If successful, the orbiter will analyze the presence of methane in the Martian atmosphere. It would also cement India’s position as a space-faring nation by making it the fourth national group to send a ship to Mars, a feat not yet achieved by India’s neighbor, China.

The Washington Post

Munich. Europe lost many treasures while the Nazis were in power, some of which were finally returned when German authorities in Munich discovered a large collection of plundered artworks in a resident’s mansion. While investigating the owner for allegations of tax invasion in 2011, police found a collection of over 1,500 works valued at around $1 billion. The findings of the investigation were reported in German media this week. The artworks, including pieces by Matisse, Picasso and Chagall, were deemed degenerate by the Nazis and confiscated.

Deutsche Welle

Cairo. Popular Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef’s television show was pulled on Friday, Nov. 1, minutes before it was due to air. The decision was made by the privately-owned CBC Network, which released a statement that the show was suspended because Youssef had “insisted on violating the editorial policy” in episodes that were due supposed to air in the coming week. The show was pulled six months after a court dismissed a lawsuit calling for the program to be banned. The action raises questions about freedom of speech in Egypt and the apparent practice of self-censorship by media organizations.


Fargo. A local mother has publicized her intention of handing out, in addition to candy, letters to the parents of obese children on Halloween. Calling into a radio station, the woman who referred to herself as Cheryl declared it her mission to inform parents about the dangers of encouraging childhood obesity. Opinions about such a direct approach were mixed with some callers voicing their support and others issuing threats toward the woman.


Nashville. Exploiting the disastrous launch of, the federal website (which provides citizens of states which have refused to set up exchanges with health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act) scammers in the state of Tennessee are making a profit off people’s confusion. The criminals have reportedly made phone calls posing as government workers and offering to help residents sign up for the program over the phone for a $100 fee, a service which is actually free. It is believed the fraudsters have been stealing victim’s social security numbers in the process.

Fox News

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