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Since Councilman Eric Garcetti was first elected to the Los Angeles City Council in 2001 to represent District 13, which is centered in the Hollywood area, he has effectively led the charge for important reforms in Los Angeles. For example, Garcetti has led the effort on important environmental and human rights initiatives in the city.

Principally, Garcetti worked on critical water issues that have helped improve water quality throughout the city, strongly supported CicLaVia and other grassroots projects to reclaim public space and has advocated for investing in technology to make buildings more efficient and reduce traffic congestion. Moreover, Garcetti has championed multiple solar power programs with the goal of making Los Angeles the leader in urban solar power generation.

As mayor, Garcetti promises to continue this groundbreaking, aggressive, multi-faceted advocacy for clean, healthy, safe neighborhoods that significantly improve the lives of all city residents. This detail-oriented, inclusive, hard work on behalf of Los Angelinos is reason enough to support Garcetti for mayor of Los Angeles.

Garcetti’s work extends beyond these issues. As city councilman he worked to write environmental laws in ways that allow these environmental initiatives to double as important job-creation programs for the city. His plan is to pair this work with extensive investments, education initiatives and aggressive campaigns to attract advanced technology companies to Los Angeles. That is a bold and focused plan of action that can and should be achieved. Garcetti’s plan to continue cutting red tape so small businesses can open legally without jumping through unnecessary hoops also should be applauded.

Importantly, Garcetti is a friend of Occidental College. A former assistant professor of public policy and Diplomacy and World Affairs, Garcetti sits on the Global Affairs Advisory Board and has visited Occidental College as a city councilman numerous times.

More importantly though, Garcetti passes the leadership test. He has been successful as a councilman not through any fancy connections but by embracing grassroots efforts to build communities. He was selected to serve as President of the City Council multiple times between 2006 and 2012 because of his leadership. It is his experience and success on city council and his comprehensive plan for Los Angeles, that has driven The Occidental Weekly to endorse Eric Garcetti for mayor.

A disappointing 16 percent of Los Angeles’s registered voters turned out to vote in the mayoral primary. Students who vote in Los Angeles should vote in this important election and others should consider participating in other ways to further the democratic process and help put a deserving, hard-working public servant into office.

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