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Loading… Changes to the wireless are made with ‘heart and soul’

Over the pandemic, Information Technology Services (ITS) was busy making changes to the college's WiFi registration system, extending access to outdoor tent classrooms and...

‘Every social media has its peak. Right now, it’s TikTok’s peak.’

Over summer of 2019, Zoe Campbell (sophomore) was working as a camp counselor when she heard her middle school-aged campers talking about TikTok being...

My cell phone, the ultimate Swiss Army knife

On my way back to Occidental after winter break, I boarded a flight from Portland to San Jose, and after a brief layover, another...

Trump’s net neutrality lawsuit harms poor communities

Oh, the internet — an indescribable realm full of cute puppy videos, accessible college courses and graphic cold cases. To so many of us, it is an everyday...