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About Our Staff

Senior Team

Anissa Basnayake

Editor in Chief

Anissa Basnayake (sophomore) is a Cognitive Science major and Studio Art and Neuroscience minor. Basnayake serves as the Editor-in-Chief of The Occidental newspaper and has previously worked as an illustrator and Photo/Layout Editor. When not in the newsroom, Basnayake enjoys reading, roller skating, camping and watching horror movies.

Mia Anzalone

Managing Editor

Mia Anzalone (junior) is a Sociology major and Art History minor from Kailua, HI. She is currently the Managing Editor of The Occidental, but has also edited the Culture and Opinion sections in the past. In her free time, Mia loves to surf, roller-skate, read fashion magazines and do paint-by-numbers while listening to music.

Meghan Lee

Senior Editor

Meghan Lee (senior) is a Math major. Lee is currently a Senior Editor, but has previously served as Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, News Editor, Arts & Culture Editor, Social Media Manager, a Photographer and a Staff Writer for The Occidental. Outside of the newsroom, Lee enjoys reading, figure skating and trying out new cafes with friends.


Mostyn Trudinger-Smith

News Editor

Mostyn Trudinger-Smith (senior) is a Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture major and Biology minor. Trudinger-Smith is a News Editor and Staff Writer for The Occidental. Outside of the paper, Trudinger-Smith enjoys reading, hiking and exploring Los Angeles.

Jude George

News Editor

Jude George (senior) is a Diplomacy and World Affairs major and Critical Theory and Social Justice minor. George is currently a News Editor for The Occidental. In their spare time, George enjoys cooking, drawing, reading, listening to music and wandering the woods of the Pacific Northwest.

Angela Guglielmino

Community News Editor

Angela Guglielmino (junior) is a Media Arts and Culture major with a Film Production concentration. She is a Staff Writer, Photographer and Community News Editor for The Occidental. If you ask her about jump rope politics, reality TV or NCAA gymnastics scoring, she’ll have a lot of opinions.

Katie Moore

Culture Editor

Katie Moore (senior) is a Psychology major and minoring in Interdisciplinary Writing and Linguistics. Moore currently serves as a Staff Writer and an Arts & Culture Editor for The Occidental, but has also edited for the News and Sports sections. Outside of the newsroom, you'll likely catch Moore either in the dance studio running Pulse or teaching for Dance Pro, or at home enjoying time with her roommates!

Kawena Jacobs

Culture Editor

Kawena Jacobs (first year) intends to major in Music Production. Jacobs currently works as the Arts and Culture Editor, but has also been a Staff Writer and Photographer. Outside of her job at the newspaper, Jacobs plays the viola in the Occidental Symphony Orchestra, writes and releases songs and enjoys playing soccer, basketball and volleyball.

Jacob Whitney

Sports Editor

Jacob Whitney (sophomore) is a Diplomacy and World Affairs Major. Whitney serves as a Sports Editor and has previously worked as a Staff Writer for The Occidental. Outside of the newsroom, Whitney enjoys trying new foods, socializing and watching military movies.

Emma Cho

Sports Editor

Emma Cho (first year) is an American Studies major and Interdisciplinary Writing minor. Your newest and favorite Sports Editor is often found eating turf on the lacrosse field (figuratively) or being disappointed by the Chicago Cubs (literally, always). Emma hopes for a career in writing or broadcast journalism.

Shreya Srinivasan

Opinions Editor

Shreya Srinivasan (senior) is a Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture major. Srinivasan serves as an Opinions Editor for The Occidental and has previously worked as a Staff Writer and Layout Editor. When not in the newsroom, Srinivasan enjoys drawing, reading, and playing games with friends.

Ava LaLonde

Opinions Editor

Ava LaLonde (first year) hopes to major in Comparative Literature and Culture and minor in Latin American Studies. LaLonde is an Opinions Editor at The Occidental newspaper and has worked as a Staff Writer and Photographer as well. Outside of the paper, LaLonde is a fan of vinyl records, hikes, her dog, and movies.

Luka Jackson

Photo Editor

Luka Jackson (first year) is a Psychology major with a minor in Neuroscience and works as a photo editor for The Occidental. Beyond his life at the paper, Jackson also enjoys skiing, playing piano and exploring LA!

Anna Beatty

Photo Editor

Anna Beatty (first year) hopes to double major in Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture and East Asian Studies. She is a Media Editor, Newsletter Editor and Staff Writer for The Occidental. When she is not cooped up in the Media Suite or prancing around the library stacks, Beatty enjoys dancing, eating spicy noodles and over analyzing poetry. In the future, Beatty hopes to attend a Master of Library & Information Science (MLIS) program.

Other Staff

Brian Fong

Business Manager

Brian Fong (senior) is majoring in Economics and minoring in Politics. Brian serves as Business Manager of The Occidental where he oversees the newspaper's finances and identifies and pursues omnichannel advertising opportunities. Outside of the newsroom, Brian actively follows professional sports and the consumer goods industry.

Nick Novak

Web Designer

Nicholas Novak (junior) currently studying Computer Science and Economics. He serves as the Senior Web Developer for The Occidental. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys watching movies, reading and petting cats.

Maeve Mascarenhas

Assistant Web Designer

Maeve Mascarenhas (first year) plans to major in Sociology or Psychology and minor in Computer Science. She is the Assistant Web Designer for The Occidental. She also runs for the Cross Country and Track and Field teams at Oxy. In her free time, she enjoys reading, baking and listening to music.

Nicole Rios

Translation Editor

Nicole Ríos (senior) is a Biology major and a Linguistics minor. Ríos serves as the Translation Editor for The Occidental and has worked as a translator for three years. When she is not translating articles from English to Spanish, Ríos enjoys painting, hiking, reading manga and dancing cumbia and merengue.

Zoey Solomon

Podcast Producer

Zoey Solomon (junior) is an Urban and Environmental Policy major and Media Arts and Culture minor. Zoey serves as the Podcast Manager at The Occidental. Outside of this role, she enjoys playing violin, watching documentaries and going on walks.

Ethan Dulaney


Ethan Dulaney (senior) is a Media Arts & Culture major. He serves as Video Editor of The Occidental newspaper and also works as a photographer for the paper. When not in the newsroom, Ethan enjoys drinking tea and reading Agatha Christie novels.

Felisa Duff

Social Media Editor

Felisa Duff (sophomore) is a Psychology major and Interdisciplinary Writing minor. Duff works as the Social Media Manager and is a Staff Writer at The Occidental. When not posting on Instagram, Duff enjoys journaling, yoga, reading and spending time with friends.

Barbara Thomas


Barbara Thomas has been The Occidental staff advisor since September 2016. A career journalist, she spent 24 years at the Los Angeles Times where she held many roles, including reporter, copy editor and Executive News Editor. Previously she was a reporter in Gary, Ind. She was also part of two Pulitzer Prize teams for Spot News reporting at the LA Times. Barbara has an M.A. in journalism from Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind., and B.A. in English from University of Pittsburgh.


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