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The mission of The Occidental is to provide fair, accurate and balanced journalism of the highest quality to members of Occidental College as well as the local community. We promote the free exchange of information, and our staff strives to maintain the highest professional journalistic ethics and standards. We aim to prioritize truth, credibility, and transparency above all else in our reporting; hold the leadership of the student body, college and larger community accountable; and provide a platform for productive community dialogue.

As the official student newspaper of Occidental College, The Occidental aims to fulfill three primary functions. The first is to inform our audience by presenting unbiased and accurate information regarding topics and events of importance and interest to the Occidental and local community. The second is to serve as a public forum by providing commentary on issues important to the community and encouraging community members to respond, contribute and participate in community dialogue. The third is to educate by creating an effective and inclusive learning environment where staff members can learn the journalism trade and professional skills.

We are a completely student-run organization. We strive to uphold the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics as the standards for our policies and procedures.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions in order to learn more about our organization, practices and policies.