Campus Security writes up college experience


Each song on Campus Security’s first self-titled EP, released on Oct. 17, is based on the college experiences of the band’s five members. In their single “Cutie at the Green Bean,” the band croons, “Cutie at the Green Bean/You give my mornings meaning. With your coffee steaming/I felt like I was dreaming.”

But audiences beyond the caffeinated crowd will still identify with tracks from juniors Angus McDonald, Campbell Scott, John Kennedy, Nick Waldrom and Rounak Maiti. Standout songs include “Sweet Time,” “Not Sorry!,” “Cutie at the Green Bean,” “Never Felt This Way Before” and “Cleveland.”

“Every song is based on reality and feelings from real life events,” Scott said.

The band has been writing their own music since their formation in 2012, during the winter of their first year at Occidental. All songs on the EP are original; while Kennedy, Maiti and Scott lead the writing process, all members contributed in some capacity.

The EP was produced in the Eagle Rock home recording studio of Christian Gerlach ’13. By recording in a friend’s studio, the band was able to have the control they desired over the production phase.

“The EP-making process was all [do-it-yourself],” Maiti said.

Fellow musician Lillian Krovoza (senior) described the EP as unique, but reminiscent of the styles of Vampire Weekend, Local Natives and Weezer. Griffin Taylor (senior) agreed that the band has their own, distinctive sound.

“I think they have a really unique sound,” Taylor said. “I don’t think bands are as prevalent right now due to DJs, but Campus Security has a really groovy sound.”

Though their songs and EP as a whole tell the story of their college experiences thus far, the themes of love, friendship and growth are relatable to audiences beyond the undergraduate realm. With this in mind, the band hopes their music will reach beyond the Occidental community.

“We hope the Oxy community will be a starting point for the album,” McDonald said. “While our main crowd is Oxy people currently, our main motivation is for people off-campus to have access to our music as well.”

The EP was released just days after Campus Security’s jam-packed performance at Colombo’s Restaurant as part of the Eagle Rock Music Festival. They have performed live at both on- and off-campus settings, including the University of Arizona pre-Spring Fling show and off-campus parties around Occidental.

They have also been asked to perform at Los Angeles musical venues, including the House of Blues. The band eventually hopes to play in other Northeast L.A. venues and beyond.


“We are looking to play in local, independent scenes that are more based on volunteers, such as the Pehr Space,” Scott said.

Fans from Occidental also recognize the band’s potential to reach a larger audience.

“The songs have a local feel and local lyrics but are relevant for a wider population,” Becca Rich (senior) said.


Campus Security will be playing on Nov. 7 at the No Future Café in Pasadena. A hard copy of the album can be purchased through the band members directly or online at




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