Aoki’s Hollywood club keeps it real, no fake ID needed


Author: Halley Crane

The pulse of the bass ascends the dark stairway leading up to a packed venue. A crowd gathers every night at Dim Mak Studios, a unique club where people from all parts of the city can hear renowned or up-and-coming DJs spin sets. The club is open to everyone over the age of 18 and has a $15 entry fee, making it one of the most accessible spots in Hollywood.

Dim Mak Studios opened in 2004 with the help of the widely influential DJ, Steve Aoki. The club is an extension of his brand, Dim Mak, which includes a record label, merchandise and events. The club is now recognized for its Tuesday and Saturday evening events. Beginning at 10 p.m. each week, both local and mainstream DJs come to Dim Mak to perform electronic, techno and dubstep music. Previous performers include Dusky, Skrillex and Kid Cudi.

Dim Mak is not only a club, but also a community space where people come to listen to great artists who create an all-encompassing energy. Even though it is an 18-and-over venue, it caters to people of all ages.

“Dim Mak is universal, whether you like the music or you like the scene, anyone can go, enjoy and leave feeling like they conquered the world,” 24-year-old Dim Mak regular Michael Young said.

Occidental students like James Coholan (first-year), who is himself a DJ, have already discovered the mid-week party on Tuesdays. “Dim Mak is a fun, energized club where deep house rules and the speakers blast,” Coholan said.

Dim Mak’s Audio Visual Manager Michael Allen agrees with the enthusiastic attendees. Allen has worked at the club since its inception, creating visual projections and special effects that accompany each set.

“I’ve worked at higher end clubs in Los Angeles like Lure and Greystone Mansion, and I still like the vibe at Dim Mak the best,” Allen said.

However, the club still has its slow nights and remains relatively unknown to locals.

“This place could use better promoting in general,” Allen said.

Whether a dancer, a techno fanatic, a drinker or a shmoozer, Dim Mak caters to every crowd. There are few other places in Los Angeles where people can gather each week and have an entirely different experience than the week before. The accessibility of Dim Mak is what makes the venue stand out among L.A.’s numerous clubs.

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