Nice Things Podcast – Episode 4


Our hosts start with the rebirth of the birther movement, thanks to lawyer and conservative watchdog Larry Klayman. Klayman filed a petition on Oct. 2 to remove Barack Obama from the presidency on the grounds that he is using a fake birth certificate. Haven’t we heard this story before?

 In the main block, we return to Republican Senate candidate and previous Nice Things Show star Monica Wehby.  For plagiarism. Again. Wehby is has been accused of lying to news outlets in regards to missing scheduled interviews and not signing up for debates with her opponent, Democratic incumbent Jeff Merkley. But wait, there’s more!  John McCain visited Oregon last week to stump for Wehby and trash her opponent’s foreign policy. He then used this platform to suggest that ISIS exists because of the President’s withdrawl troops from Iraq.  McCain then went on to contradict himself a few more times.

 Following the serious political news, we discuss Lucas Oil founder Charlotte Lucas’s Facebook rant in which she claimed that minorities, such as atheists and Muslims, are running the country. She attempted to walk back the statements by apologizing if anyone was offended. Note that she did not apologize for the comments, just if anyone took offense to them.

 Meanwhile. Texas is at it again. Texas Senator Ted Cruz wants to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would bar the Supreme Court from overturning state laws.  Cruz, the “Constitution Wonk” of the Republican party, wants to do away with one of the original intentions of the Supreme Court, as granted by the Constitution.  Not only that, he indirectly stated there is nothing in the Constitution that prevents gay people form getting married, which completely undermines the entire Republican party’s stance on gay marriage.  We’ll let that one sink in.

 Finally, the Gaffe of the Week goes to Joe Biden.  Biden had to issue apologies to the United Arab Emirates and Turkey for suggesting they were funding the terrorist group, ISIS.  On the same day, Turkey approved military action against–who else?–ISIS. Oops.

Tune in for these stories and more on this week’s episode of the Nice Things Show!

About the show:

There is a whole world out there filled with potential for great and wondrous things and somewhere, somehow, someone is going to mess it up for the rest of us.  The Nice Things Show is a weekly political talk show on KOXY presented by the Occidental Weekly dedicated to why we can’t have these nice things.  We’ll keep you updated on what we’re all missing out on.


Allan Van Vliet is a senior Politics major from Portland, Oregon, and the Station Co-Manager for KOXY Radio. He has experience hosting music-centered weekly radio programs such as Dead Wax and Hodge-Podge, and he is excited now to make his first foray into talk radio. He also has great political experience, interning in the U.S. Senate office of Senator Jeff Merkley, volunteering for multiple nonprofit organizations, and working on several political campaigns.

Mason Atkins is politics major in his senior year.  He is new to radio but he brings experience in politics and news from Think Progress in Washington, D.C., The Weekly Show on CatAlist, and a campaign internship with Elizabeth Warren’s Senate Campaign in 2012.



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