Nice Things Podcast – Episode 6


And so begins yet another installment of The Nice Things Show with Allan Van Vliet and Mason Atkins.

The show leads with a new iteration of Messing with Texas.  This time, Texas education officials are calling for the resignation of Regent Wallace Hall, who uncovered a nepotism scandal within the University of Texas admissions processes.  Unfortunately for Hall, he uncovered this scandal by using FERPA-protected documents by the school, which he claims he did not ask for.  Regardless, no other officials have addressed the nepotism scandal, but Wallace is now in hot water for being given FERPA-protected items he specifically asked not to receive.  Non-corrupt education system? Nope, we can’t have that.

The main block of the show takes on Ebola in the United States.  From Texas to Boston and back to the west coast, Ebola has brought out the worst in everyone.  Especially CNN, where hosts tweeted a very offensive photo of hosts and others dressing up in fake haz-mat suits, making light of the situation.

Following the Ebola coverage, the hosts announce some great news.  Mason and Allan be hosting a live election-night broadcast on Tuesday, November 4th from 7-11 p.m, broadcast on KOXY’s website. For those of you in the Occidental area, you can attend a watch party in the Johnson Hall McKinnon Center to take in the coverage on the big media wall.

The second half of the show is devoted to more Republican Party shenanigans.  The Republican National Committee released a new campaign ad that announces “topical” issues and blames Obama for them.  We don’t want to alarm anyone, but apparently both the Ebola outbreak and ISIS’s emergence are direct results of Obama policies. Who knew?  Here’s the ad if you want to watch.

Also, Ted Nugent has once again called for someone to assassinate the President of the United States. Similar sentiments were echoed in an unrelated event in Missouri, where a state official referred to the president as a “domestic enemy” and called for a rebellion, but “meant no ill will.”  Somehow, in this official’s mind, calling for a rebellion should not be interpreted as ill will.  Okay then.

Lastly, the Gaffe of the Week goes to David Perdue for claiming to be a champion for women’s pay equality. He backed up this statement up by stating that his business was only sued for discrimination by around 2,000 women, as opposed to all of his tens-of-thousands of employees.  This guy is going places.

Tune in for all this and more on The Nice Things Show