DisneyBounding brings Disney magic to the everyday


There’s something about Disney that I’ve never been able to outgrow. Maybe it’s the singing inanimate objects, maybe it’s the magical lands or maybe it’s the overarching message of making your dreams come true, but I’ve never been able to truly shake it. And I’m not the only one — Disney films and characters appeal to the childlike wonder and joy within us all. Kids and adults alike flock to Disneyland, Disneyworld and the theaters for a taste of this Disney magic.

But there’s a way to embed the Disney spirit into your everyday life: DisneyBounding.

DisneyBounding is a concept in which an individual wears an outfit inspired by a Disney character. It allows people to access that elusive Disney magic and the inspiration from their favorite characters. Through DisneyBounding, the average person can experience Disney without having to spend upwards of $200 and a hot afternoon in line with sore feet. For example, you could wear a purple shirt and green pants and DisneyBound as Ariel.

Photo courtesy of York In A Box
Photo courtesy of York In A Box

About three years ago, a friend introduced me to DisneyBounding through the Tumblr blog “DisneyBound.” The blog bills itself as a place “where Disney nerds and fashion geeks collide.” Blogger Leslie Kay posts submissions of individuals DisneyBounding and outfit suggestions for various characters. Kay started the website in 2011.

“The DisneyBound blog actually started as a travel site,” Kay said. “My friend and I were going to Disney for a trip we had planned for a very long time, and we wanted a place to channel our excitement.”

DisneyBounding is like a more accessible version of cosplaying because participants can utilize their normal wardrobe. Sarah “Snitch” Sterling ‘13, a well-known DisneyBounder and Youtuber, describes her love of bounding.

“I love DisneyBounding because sometimes cosplaying takes so much effort and is so focused on accuracy that you feel like you can’t get it right,” Sterling said. “DisneyBounding is something everyone can do, regardless of skill or financial means. It’s also the only circle of people where I’ll ever be considered a fashionista.”

Though Kay invented DisneyBounding for the parks, most Bounders have brought it into their wardrobes as a way of infusing inspiration from their favorite characters into their normal outfits, regardless of their location. It makes a normal day more “magical.” It’s a way to channel Cinderella’s optimism or the courage of Peter Pan in your outfit and maybe even in your attitude. Disney’s signature sense of optimism and imagination is brought into your closet and into the everyday.

Frida Gurewitz is a junior English major. She can be reached at gurewitz@oxy.edu