Find out what you missed on campus last year — check out the year’s top ten stories in Tweets:

1. April 29: Tensions over sexual assault cases flared in a confrontation between students and a board member outside a Board of Trustees dinner.

2. April 25: The memory of Occidental’s favorite couple, a pair of ducks living in the iconic Oxy fountain, lives on despite tragic loss.

3. April 15: English and Comparative…what? Now you can be an “English” major.

4. March 25: TEDx lecture series arrives at Occidental with the theme of “Reinventing the American Dream.”

5. March 18: L.A. Times fires reporter and retracts inflated sexual assault numbers.

6. Feb. 25: Occidental is first U.S. college to ban investment in gun manufacturers.

7. Feb. 16: 30-year Campus Safety veteran terminated, spawning conflict between faculty and administration.

8. Nov. 19: C.O.D.E. members organize sit-in for students to express their support for increased diversity and equity at Occidental.

9. Oct. 29: “Toga! Toga!” Or not. School-wide dances banned for a year due to alcohol poisoning transports at the annual Toga party.

10. March 25: Attention students: we have a drone on campus. OxyArts brings a statement-making sculpture to Occidental.



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