Intimate, invasive and innocuous things you can learn from reading Venmo history


Who someone’s drug dealer is

Who is a drug dealer (private feed)

Who had no part in organizing any of their utility bills and just Venmos one of their housemates every month

Whose friends aren’t funny

Whose friends are pretty funny

Overthinkers (strictly use emojis)

Who didn’t “just stay in” on Saturday night

Who needs attention (liking payments)

How far some are willing to go to make food payments into sex jokes

If someone and their significant other have broken up (mysterious absence of charges)

Who their side pieces are

Who lives together post grad

Feminist relationships

Friendships that are annoying

Who is relentless (sending multiple payment requests for neither rent nor drugs)

Who never has cash for taco trucks

Who is abroad in Europe

Who is boring (simply writing what the payment is for)


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