Occidental Vision Boards

Courtesy of Jamie Potter
Courtesy of Isa Merel

Isa Merel (sophomore).

“I was inspired to make this vision board [last January] in hopes of bringing my good intentions and dreams for the future into the New Year.”

Courtesy of Mary Beth Heffernan

Art & Art History professor Mary Beth Heffernan.

“My vision board is in my Occidental studio and we’ve been urged to not go into campus, so I’ve been out of my studio for nearly a year,” Heffernan said. “ I’ve never quite thought of the objects I collect and hang on my wall as a vision board, but I do assemble and display things I find odd, curious, baffling, pleasing, ingenious, anachronistic or unexplainable in a way that tickles my mind and gets under my skin.”

Some of the objects pictured include a Hammerhead shark’s head, a notebook sketch of Christ’s loincloth and a steel female urinal pot.

Courtesy of Vivian Lin

Media Arts & Culture (MAC) professor Vivian Lin.

Lin stores materials for certain classes, projects and research ideas in this bookshelf.

Courtesy of Vivian Lin

“Also attached is an image of my ‘altar’ that is to the left of my desk,” Lin said. “I have a daily ritual where I light incense, refresh the water and sometimes put fresh flowers or candies as offerings. It is a good start to my working day!”

Courtesy of Gisselle Cornejo

Occidental’s Benefits Specialist Gisselle Cornejo.

Courtesy of Broderick Fox

MAC professor Broderick Fox.

“I don’t do vision boarding, but as a young kid living in Tokyo I collected daruma figurines and have kept them ever since,” Fox said. “Now, when I embark on a big new project like a film or book, I use one to mark that goal, filling in one of the eyes at the inception, and filling in the second eye once the project is completed!”

Courtesy of Angela Guglielmino

Angela Guglielmino* (sophomore).

I made this vision board a few days before my high school graduation.

Courtesy of Jamie Potter

Jamie Potter (sophomore).

“It’s got stuff from my favorite places in LA on it — manifesting a return to campus,” Potter said.

Courtesy of Haley Mitchell

Swimming and Diving Coach and Director of Aquatics Operations Haley Mitchell.

“I’m not sure what counts as a ‘vision board’ but every year I make a season plan on Excel that I would consider in that realm,” Mitchell said. “Although, I didn’t make one this year because we didn’t train on campus.”

Courtesy of Allison Wilson

Allison Wilson (junior).

“My Dance Pro piece did something kind of similar [to a vision board] where at the end of our dance we all are going to hold up letters filled with things we are thankful for, are proud of, and hopes and affirmations,” Wilson said.

Courtesy of Frannie DiBona

Frannie DiBona* (sophomore).

DiBona said this vision board’s theme is about living life to the fullest.


*Angela Guglielmino and Frannie DiBona are staff writers for The Occidental.