A comfort food that brings me back to eating at my grandmother’s house in the tropics of Sri Lanka is a good “rice and curry.” Back home in New York, my parents usually make it with a fish curry and dal, but when we trek out to Sri Lanka, I am always treated with a delicious crab curry with mallung, daal, beet curry and papadam. I suggest taking advantage of living in a big city and getting yourself some Sri Lankan food as soon as possible. Just make sure you can handle the spice —  Anissa Basnayake
While I am not from here, I lived in Taiwan for the last three years of high school and frequented the local noodle restaurants. My favorite dish of all time is yǎngchūnmiàn (spring noodles). It’s a pork-based noodle soup and includes ingredients like minced pork, celery and green onions. It is so delicious yet so simple. There was one place near where I lived that was famous for its Spring Noodles. I went there all the time, especially because of their very special homemade chili oil. Every vegetable and every droplet of soup was the most delicious thing — Rain Cha
As a kid, my family and I would walk to Portland’s Saint Cupcake from our apartment to grab our favorite “dot”-sized cupcakes. It is still my favorite cupcake shop to this day. I can say with confidence that their delicious cream cheese and chocolate buttercream frosting is the best I have ever tasted. — Mia Miller
Growing up in the French Alps, there was no way for me to not fall in love with cheese. Almost every meal that comes from my region is based on cheese. One of them, which is my favorite, is fondue. It is just melted cheese mixed with white wine that you eat using bread. Not the healthiest meal but very tasty! It is a great meal when it is really cold and snowing outside, which often happens in winter in my hometown. — Tilly Depery
A dish that I have loved since I was very little is roasted bhindi (okra). My mom and other relatives have often cooked this Pakistani side dish. It can be made in different ways, but my favorite is when my mom roasts them and puts chaat masala in them. — Layla Razvi