Secretary of education holds twitter conversation


Secretary of Education Arne Duncan held an open Twitter conversation on Monday night directed at students and their families. Using #StuVoice, students of all ages could ask questions, share opinions or comment on the cost and accessibility of higher education. The virtual conversation lasted two hours.

“Students – join me tonight at 8:30pm ET for a special #StuVoice Twitter chat about college affordability. ,” Duncan (@arneduncan) tweeted that day.

Many commenters focused on college affordability; a hot topic of news as the cost of college has continued to rise in the last few years. Some commenters looked to the European Union and free education to guide their opinions on the matter.

“Did you know it would take $62.8 billion dollars to make public college tuition-free? That is only about 11% of military spending. #StuVoice,” Stephanie Rivera (@stephrrivera) tweeted.

Throughout the chat, Duncan responded with resources and other sites to visit. He also tweeted questions to direct conversation.

“Students, what is important to think about when you consider the “value” of a college? #StuVoice,” he tweeted. The secretary of education is working with President Obama to create a ranking system for colleges based on their value, and during the conversation he focused most of his questions on the college decision-making process.

Student conversation with Duncan will continue every Monday night at 8:30 EST.



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