World News – Week of April 29


Venezuela. A woman threw a mango at President Nicolas Maduro Saturday, hitting him above his left ear. The woman, Marleny Olivo, wrote a message on the fruit asking for his help with housing problems. Maduro recently approved the Great Housing Mission of Venezuela, a mass construction program designed to solve a recent lack of available housing. The president is a former bus driver and was driving a bus through the state of Aragua when the woman tossed the mango. He responded to the message by giving her a flat to live in within 48 hours of the incident. He also reportedly stated the fruit was ripe and that he would soon eat it.

BBC News

China. Government officials put an end to the common practice of having strippers perform at funerals in rural areas of China. Having strippers perform at funerals is meant to increase attendance at the ceremonies, as the presence of large crowds indicates greater social status for the deceased. The Chinese Culture Ministry labeled this practice “uncivilized” for involving “obscene performances.” Police began punishing both hosts and performers if caught. Reactions over social media to official Chinese news agency Xinhua’s coverage of this has ranged from disgust to amusement over this tradition. “I really don’t understand how this can be seen as moral,” one person stated.

BBC News



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