Letter from the Editor: Spring 2014


Author: Henry Dickmeyer

The newspaper works seven days a week to produce content that ranges from sexual assault policy updates to campus sustainability efforts, from local engagement commentary to our quirky student life, from the latest Norton Simon exhibit to a barn-burner men’s basketball game.

The stories we find and the content that we publish have gone through hours of research, interviews, confirmation and composition. And what we do publish, we do so with consideration of the fact that our print space is limited – that there is only so much real estate in each issue to inform students about the ongoings at Occidental College.

But there’s an intrinsic beauty to having a newspaper at a small, diverse campus like Occidental; one that lies in our ability to publish information that this campus deserves. Because the newspaper is a public good: we are expanding our online content to both breaking news articles and daily blog segments, engaging with the Occidental community via Twitter and Facebook and inviting complete access to our full issues online.

Part of this expansion requires students to be active readers. We invite every reader to write a Letter to the Editor, follow our writers on Twitter, like our Facebook page, pick up a paper and read it, then put it on the nearest coffee table in the Green Bean or the McKinnon Center for Global Affairs. If any reader has a question, they should never feel reluctant to contact any Weekly staff member or myself.

There’s a high likelihood that every student and faculty member – young and old, active and academic – knows somebody who knows somebody who works for the paper and has the ability to communicate with its staff. By contacting and reaching out to the paper, we can ensure that we print accurate, timely and essential information for the greater community.

So take advantage of our resource. Get involved. Start a discussion. Tell us what needs to be published and how to get there. One word at a time, we’re still in the business of serving after 120 years, and the paper has never been stronger.

Henry Dickmeyer is the Editor-in-Chief of The Weekly and a junior economics major. He can reached at dickmeyer@oxy.edu or on Twitter @WklyHDickmeyer.

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