Rising Stars – Week of March 4th


Chloe Hoeber

Athletics is an important part of first-year Chloe Hoeber’s family, and though she didn’t plan on running track in college, she could not pass up an opportunity to join the Occidental tack and field team as a high jumper.

“I thought, ‘why not?’ because I wasn’t really done with high jump yet,” Hoeber said. “I know that I can improve more so I wanted to keep doing it.”

The quietly confident Mill Valley, California native, cites her father—who coached her middle school track team—as a major influence on her jumping career.

With his help, she entered Oxy with a personal record of 5’0” in the high jump, leaving her just one inch shy of the Occidental record books. Hoeber also competes in the long jump for the Tigers.

“She’s certainly got the potential to be a team scorer and someone that can be successful in our conference,” head coach Rob Bartlett said. “Where she’s eventually going to get to, who knows, I think thats why she’s a rising star and we’re really excited about her.”

Off the track, Hoeber enjoys hiking and has recently taken up guitar. A classic rock fan whose favorite bands include Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the Beatles, her favorite song to play is “Take it Easy” by the Eagles.

With just that one inch to gain until she can claim a spot in Occidental’s record books, Hoeber is keeping her goals firmly in sight.

“Just jump higher, improvement,” Hoeber said. “I don’t want to stay at the same personal records for this season because that would be disappointing.”

Isabelle Dunne

Already in 7th place in the Occidental record books for the 400 meter hurdles, Isabelle Dunne (first-year) is just happy not to be spending half of each practice shoveling snow off of the track.

“At home, it was always freezing,” Dunne said. “We had to shovel the track so many times before we had to run on it and it was brutal. I was like ‘I can’t do it again, I’m out of here.'”

The Cohasset, Massachusetts native also runs the 4×100-meter and 4×400-meter relays and the 100-meter hurdles, but she seems to have found a niche in the 400-meter hurdles.

“Hopefully, I’ll get faster, because that was really my first time running it,” she said of her record-breaking debut in the 400.

Isabelle has found a home in the tight-knit Tiger track squad, which she cites as one of the main reasons she chose to attend Oxy.

However, Isabelle was not always sure that track was the even right sport for her.

“My freshman spring of high school, I had this huge internal debate about whether to do lacrosse or track,” she said. “I chose track and I’m really glad I did.”

Dunne’s team is glad she chose track too, and her coaches are excited for what the future holds.

“She works very hard, and she’s got a great attitude,” assistant coach Tyler Yamaguchi said. “She’ll be a very, very good athlete and someone to watch out for in the future.”

Outside of track, Isabelle enjoys hanging out with friends and going to the beach in the California sunshine.



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