Joshua Greaves and Julia Lindemuth pounce as The Occidental’s Athletes of the Week

Julia Lindemuth (first year), this week’s Athlete of the Week, is a member of the women’s soccer team at Occidental College. Thursday, September 26, 2019. Nancy Zhou/The Occidental Joshua Greaves (senior), this week’s Athlete of the Week, is a member of the men’s football team at Occidental College. Wednesday, September 25, 2019. Nancy Zhou/The Occidental

Joshua Greaves

Quarterback Joshua Greaves (senior) threw for 370 yards and four touchdowns Saturday, Sept. 21 against Willamette University. Occidental fell to Willamette 34–31.

“The first play of the game on offense, we scored a touchdown. That set the tone for the whole game,” Greaves said. “It was definitely a team effort. All 11 guys on offense did an incredible job.”

According to receiver John Isaac Cordova (sophomore), Greaves’ leadership and rapport with his receivers helped bring about big plays throughout the game.

“He threw the ball in perfect spots where only we could catch it. He had confidence in us which then gave us confidence,” Cordova said. “He showed a lot of leadership throughout the game.”

Up 31–27 with 10:43 left in the fourth quarter, the team allowed their emotions to get the best of them, according to Greaves.

“We have to stay calm, stay cool and learn how to win,” Greaves said. “We have to stay disciplined and keep our composure.”

According to Greaves, this offensive output is something the team hopes to continue throughout the season.

“The team is at an all-time high in terms of our optimism. We know we can put up those numbers on a weekly basis,” Greaves said. “We can put up more than 31 points, more than 38 points. There’s a lot of excitement in the air, not just on the team but on campus as well.”

Despite the ups and downs of the last four years, Greaves said he takes pride in the team’s growth.

“I was here when we hit rock bottom. I was here when we didn’t have a season,” Greaves said. “But it has been such an upward trend and so much growth has happened, not only our performance on the field but our image on campus, our grades, the type of people we’re bringing in. I can only be proud.”

According to Greaves, his late father has always been his biggest inspiration.

“He taught me the game, he showed me the game and he always coached me, so he’s always been the biggest inspiration for me,” Greaves said. “I play for him. I have his initials on the back of my helmet. Before every game I pray and I talk to him.”

In his final season, Greaves said he is soaking up everything Occidental has to offer.

“I just try to appreciate it as much as possible,” Greaves said. “My number one goal, more so than throwing touchdown passes, more so than winning games, is to be a great teammate and be someone that people can look up to. I want to leave this place better than when I came in.”

Greaves is the president of the Occidental Rugby Club, participates in Dance Production and is a member of Occidental’s Armenian Students Association and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He is also one of the announcers on the games management staff.

Football’s next home game is Saturday, Oct. 5 against California Lutheran University.

Julia Lindemuth

Forward Julia Lindemuth (first year) scored Occidental’s lone goal in a tie against Redlands to open SCIAC play Sept. 18.

“It was my first goal of my collegiate career, so that was really exciting,” Lindemuth said. “I was trying to make up for a mistake I made earlier where I missed an opportunity on goal. The ball came in perfectly and everything slowed down. I’m left-footed, so it was a perfect shot to the weak side corner.”

According to Lindemuth, netting her first goal in the Occidental uniform strengthened her mentality moving forward.

“It was a rush. It was a confidence booster,” Lindemuth said. “I know that I can score, so getting to show the coach and the team that I can score reminds me that I’m here for a reason. Getting that goal definitely galvanized some confidence back into my system.”

Captain Berkli Maningo (senior) said the hardworking attitude Lindemuth brings to the team makes everyone dig deeper in training.

“She’s just a really positive force to be around,” Maningo said. “She gets out there and works her butt off, which is good to see because it forces everyone else to work hard too.”

Lindemuth said she hopes to adopt the hardworking and competitive approach she sees in her teammates.

“We’re all about the team,” Lindemuth said. “The way the older girls present themselves on the field is determined, hardworking all the time. That’s what inspires me. They’re always working hard no matter what.”

Lindemuth said that as a forward, a next-goal mentality defines her style of play.

“Once a goal is scored, whether it’s you scoring the goal or the other team, you forget about it. It’s the next goal: you want to be the team getting the ball in the back of the net next,” Lindemuth said. “When I scored that goal, it was a familiar feeling, so I was just kind of like ‘Okay, got the goal, let’s do it again.’”

According to Maningo, Lindemuth’s upbeat nature helps keep the team positive.

“She’s focused, but she also brings a relaxation and a good energy to the team,” Maningo said. “She’s powerful and fast and works her butt off, and those are some of the most significant features to have, especially playing that outside forward position.”

According to Maningo, the future is bright for Occidental’s women’s soccer team.

“The first years have been huge. Skill wise, attitude wise,” Maningo said. “I think it’s going to set the program up for success for the next few years.”

Women’s soccer’s next game is Oct. 2 against Pomona-Pitzer.