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Gen Z should not yeet away its bright future

Nihilism, existentialism and despair. These aren't words confined to Comparative Studies in Literature & Culture courses: our generation uses them interchangeably to describe everything...

Diversity is a joke to SNL

Within the last few weeks, I came across "Saturday Night Live's" (SNL) SoulCycle skit. The skit opened up with an Asian American comedian, who, unbeknownst to...

“Don’t even read this, it sucks”

I love creating. I love cooking, sewing, writing, scrapbooking, songwriting and singing. Yet the second it comes time to share that joy, I revert...

Plato visits Socrates during office hours

PLATO: Hello Socrates, the wisest and justest tenured professor I have ever known. SOCRATES: Plato, my prized student of Philosophy 101, what have you come...