Nice Things Podcast – Episode 5


On this week’s episode of The Nice Things Show, we once again cannot have nice things.

 To start things off, the first Wall Street bailout lawsuit received some attention from Vox. Of course, it’s the former executive of AIG, Hang Greenberg who is suing the federal government because he believes the bailouts should have given him more money.

 In the A block, your hosts address the growing anti-science and climate-change denial sentiments echoing across conservative politics in what Mason calls “Climate Denihilism.” Puns. Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) are two prominent politicians who have recently admitted what we all know: that they are not scientists, much to the relief of scientists everywhere.

 The Nice Things Show also welcomes a new segment on Darwinism. The inaugural winner of The Nice Things Show’s version of the Darwin Awards is the founder of the Hope Elephant Refuge in Maine who was tragically crushed by an elephant. The real winner is actually the url of the article that reported it, in which the first three words read “elephant crushes hope.” Hope. Nice thing. Crushed.

 The second half of the show is a discussion of the growing concerns we all have for whatever is going on in the NFL. Adrian Peterson, former running back for the Minnesota Vikings, was arrested for child abuse. It was then revealed that he paid for an orgy for himself and his underage brother using his charity’s credit card.  Then a beneficiary of Peterson’s charity reported that they have received no money from Peterson, which raises the question we’ve had on our minds since the start of this paragraph—What is going on?

No one knows.

Finally, the gaffe of the week goes to a Seattle television network that announced Peyton Manning’s record-breaking touchdown by showing a photo of Gary Payton, a former Seattle Supersonic basketball player. Gary Payton is a retired athlete from a different sport and has a considerably smaller forehead than Peyton Manning.

 Tune in to this week’s episode of The Nice Things Show for the loss of more nice things. Actually, when we come to think of it, we might not have lost them at all, because we were never even close to having them in the first place.

About the show:

There is a whole world out there filled with potential for great and wondrous things and somewhere, somehow, someone is going to mess it up for the rest of us.  The Nice Things Show is a weekly political talk show on KOXY presented by the Occidental Weekly dedicated to why we can’t have these nice things.  We’ll keep you updated on what we’re all missing out on.


Allan Van Vliet is a senior Politics major from Portland, Oregon, and the Station Co-Manager for KOXY Radio. He has experience hosting music-centered weekly radio programs such as Dead Wax and Hodge-Podge, and he is excited now to make his first foray into talk radio. He also has great political experience, interning in the U.S. Senate office of Senator Jeff Merkley, volunteering for multiple nonprofit organizations, and working on several political campaigns.

Mason Atkins is politics major in his senior year.  He is new to radio but he brings experience in politics and news from Think Progress in Washington, D.C., The Weekly Show on CatAlist, and a campaign internship with Elizabeth Warren’s Senate Campaign in 2012.



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