Nice Things Podcast – Episode 1


On this episode of The Nice Things Show, we answer whether we can have nice things like respectable journalists, respectable coverage of leaked celebrity nude pictures and domestic violence issues, and respect for women in general.

When nude pictures of celebrities leaked, the Huffington Post and Gawker Media were quick to take the moral high-ground. Detective work from astute Redditors pointed out that these institutions were guilty of contradicting their moral positions and did not seem to express remorse.

Also on the agenda were some less-discussed topics that emerged as more details of Ray Rice’s domestic videos surfaced. Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Fox News were quick to enter the discussion.

About the show:

There is a whole world out there filled with potential for great and wondrous things and somewhere, somehow, someone is going to mess it up for the rest of us.  The Nice Things Show is a weekly political talk show on KOXY presented by the Occidental Weekly dedicated to why we can’t have these nice things.  We’ll keep you updated on what we’re all missing out on.


Allan Van Vliet is a senior Politics major from Portland, Oregon, and the Station Co-Manager for KOXY Radio. He has experience hosting music-centered weekly radio programs such as Dead Wax and Hodge-Podge, and he is excited now to make his first foray into talk radio. He also has great political experience, interning in the U.S. Senate office of Senator Jeff Merkley, volunteering for multiple nonprofit organizations, and working on several political campaigns.

Mason Atkins is politics major in his senior year.  He is new to radio but he brings experience in politics and news from Think Progress in Washington, D.C., The Weekly Show on CatAlist, and a campaign internship with Elizabeth Warren’s Senate Campaign in 2012.



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