Oxy dorm rooms listed on Airbnb


Ethereal ambience in a modest setting

Berkus House

Escape the hustle and bustle of Oxy with a retreat to this oasis just off campus. This stylish double allows you to connect with your spirituality, surrounded by beautiful artwork created by the owners themselves. Look, there’s even a yin and yang pillow! Who wouldn’t want to rest their head at night upon a Chinese symbol of universal harmony?

A tapestry of a majestic tiger greets you upon entering, a reminder of the Oswald spirit that lives within us all. The fiery red and blue altar beneath his portrait will give you a glimpse into your soul, complete with tarot cards, crystals and sandalwood-scented candles.

The rather cramped bathroom quarters provide you with a unique opportunity for close contact with the reality of human nature. It also means people can leave you heartfelt mirror messages. This rental boasts a prime location: close to Oxy, but also near exciting destinations such as CVS and Jack-in-the-Box. Two wide windows above both beds mean that both guests get a sweeping view of ATO.

The room’s calming, clean aesthetic will undoubtedly bring you inner peace. Consider renting it out for a night of personal contemplation. The best part — you don’t have to hike up a hill to get there.

Sleeps: 2 (but you can summon spirits at no extra cost)

Price: Leave behind good vibes for our next guest.

Spacious party room for the high-class yet young at heart

Haines Hall

If you’re looking for a place to entertain that’s also close to the hustle and bustle of the Tiger Cooler’s social scene, then look no further. This room in the heart of historic Haines Hall provides you with the best of both worlds. Notice how two beds, two desks, a couch and a coffee table fit effortlessly into this surprisingly roomy space, allowing your quiet daytime study quarters to transform into a party palace at night.

The room comes equipped with a complex and intricate light system, setting the mood for whatever situation might arise ?. Put on some music and this room becomes your own personal disco. Then, you can hit the town: the Marketplace and the Cooler are both within walking distance.

If you’re feeling a quiet night in, reflect upon the intricate artwork that adorns the walls and gaze through the massive, beautiful windows at the incredible sunset bringing inevitable darkness upon your Oxy kingdom. A reviewer who stayed with us last month had nothing but rave reviews, but one warning: “just … don’t touch the blinds. The building might fall down on itself.”

An added bonus: If someone at your shindig gets overly inebriated on the Peach Ciroc you splurged on, point them to the bathroom down the hall, where they’ll get so lost in the maze that is Haines Hall that they’ll never return.

Sleeps: 3+ (2 beds, 1 couch, infinite floor space for party guests who will inevitably overstay their welcome).

Bathroom: Available! Somewhere in Haines…?

Air-Conditioning: Hahahaha … oh wait, you were serious?

Price: Whatever was in the wallet you forgot in the room after partying too hard.


Romantic getaway in the middle of the social scene


If East Campus is more your scene, look no further than this luxurious single in Pauley. Get some much-needed alone time, studying or resting. Alternatively, you could get some much-needed “alone time,” “studying” or “resting.” There are so many possibilities.

Regardless of nefarious motivations, this room is stunning. Two full-size windows place you among the tree canopy with a birds-eye view of students making the blazing hot trek up the hill to Upper Campus. You will also have the opportunity to see some amazing LA sunsets, the colors accentuated by the debilitating LA smog that is slowly choking us all to death.

Additionally, you’ll be blessed by luxurious bathrooms that put all other Occidental bathrooms to shame. With a spacious layout, showers that actually have temperature control and a color scheme that utilizes multiple shades of gray and yellow, you’ll feel like royalty as you go about your nightly skincare routine.

And, if you feel the need to hit up the social scene, nights are hopping here at Pauley. Hang out in the Martin Luther King Jr. lounge or pop over to the conveniently located Berkus Hall Coffee Cart to get your unhealate-nightnight caffeine fix. There’s also a family of rabid street chihuahuas that lives nearby and they make noise literally at all hours of the night. That’s not related to the social scene. I just thought I should let you know. One former guest had this to say:

“I rented this room for a romantic, weekend getaway with my college sweetheart. The chihuahuas truly do make noise at all hours of the night. But for us, that wasn’t a mood killer. It helped us be more in touch with our primal instincts, if you know what I mean.”

Take from that review what you will.

Sleeps: 1 (or 2, or 3. We don’t judge.)

Price: The profound disappointment of knowing you will eventually have to return to your lowly, peasant triple.


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