Opinion: SAG Awards fashion, a welcome distraction?

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The New York Times: “Lawsuit Against Trump Over Capitol Attack Should Proceed, Justice Dept. Says”

Reuters: “Anger, sorrow in Greece as train crash death toll rises”

Los Angeles Times: “More than 16% of California no longer in drought, report shows”

CNN: “House Ethics Committee announces investigation into embattled Rep. George Santos”

Vogue magazine: “SAG Awards 2023: Fashion — Live from the Red Carpet”

One of these things is not like the other. Scrolling through any type of media feed is always a rollercoaster, but recently it’s been an intense series of corkscrews. Hard stories like those above will be sprinkled in amongst pieces about zodiac signs and celebrity feuds; and while it’s all curated to my interests, it can be a bit jarring to move from comedy to tragedy so quickly. But, while I know hard news can be, you know, hard to read, I always try and stay up to date — both as a consumer of media and an aspiring reporter who wants to keep up with the industry.

So why can’t I keep myself from clicking on Vogue? I don’t even know what the SAG awards are about. Apparently SAG stands for Screen Actors Guild, and they’re basically a union of celebrities. Alright, I’ll take a look for five minutes, then back to serious news and other work.


I’m immediately seeing a bunch of well-dressed people — and a bunch who are not — so naturally I think the best course of action is an outfit review. Of course we’re starting off strong with Jennifer Coolidge, wearing Saint Laurent, bringing back the duck lips trend. This woman has really been everywhere recently, which is just hilarious given she’ll always be “Aunt Fanny” from Robots to me. I love her dress though. I think she looks very chic and classy in black.

Scrolling down a little more, we have Paul Mescal looking handsome but mildly uncomfortable; Aubrey Plaza who looks a bit like a superhero; and hmm, who’s Janet Yang?

I’ll be honest her dress is reminiscent of the upholstery you would find on a Victorian couch. Not that that’s totally a bad thing, but I don’t know that I’d attend a red carpet in a couch-like ensemble. But again, who is this? After a quick and easy Google search, results show that Janet Yang is the boss lady. She is the current President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — basically, when celebrities thank the Academy, they’re thanking Janet. That’s amazing. This woman is incredible: degrees from two Ivy League schools, Emmy and Golden Globe Winner, and advocate for the AAPI community, according to her website. As much as I’m not a fan of her look, I’m glad to have learned about her.

That’s one thing about news I can appreciate: quick learning about so many new things. Speaking of advocates for the AAPI community, Ke Huy Quan looked sharp at the SAG awards in his classic navy blue suit, and looked especially wonderful while being the first Asian male actor to accept the award for Actor in a Supporting Role. This came shortly after his co-star and friend Michelle Yeoh also broke barriers and became the first Asian woman to win Best Actress. Moving moments like these make award shows worth it.

Wow. I’ve gotten off track. While important, red carpet shows don’t really seem equal in my mind to global news.

New stories are already pushing their way to the top of the headlines. Trains exploded in a head-on collision after a rail company error put both trains on the same track. Locals are horrified and angry at both the government and railway leaders, and although responsibility has been taken, there is no way to repair damages caused as lives continue to be lost in the wreckage.

CBS News also has a link to the video of the collision. While news outlets are able to show tragedies in real time, it feels both disrespectful and overwhelming to shove that content in the faces of people living through such a tragedy, and inadvertently pushes people towards lighter news. Like right now, for example, seems like an appropriate time for a Vogue break.

I wish I could pull off vibrant colors the way Angela Bassett does in a Giambattista Valli couture gown. If I tried to wear her dress I think I would look more like a mummified Big Bird rather than an Academy Award nominated actress. Her ability to shine in such elaborate costumes and gowns (like those featured in both of the Black Panther films) is incredible. Man, I love it!

Oh gosh, scrolling down a bit more we have my longtime childhood crush, former Sexiest Man Alive, James Marsden. Something about a guy who can sing, and can pull off a baby blue suit. No idea why he’s here at these awards but I’m glad he is.

Of course up next we have TV’s current it-girl Quinta Brunson, creator, writer and star of the hit sitcom Abbott Elementary. Talk about a cast that deserves primetime, Brunson’s writing is so genius and the actors are so relatable, which is something I love about the show. I love how she looks like Ursula’s sexier sister in this shell-themed Jean-Louis Sabaji ensemble. Also on the red carpet is her co-star Tyler James Williams, who is rocking a Thrash tux that is approaching evil-butler territory. He still manages to look handsome, but I personally don’t love the harsh contrast between the pattern and the seams. However, seeing the two of them together and having such a great relationship is extra cute to see given the recent on-screen chemistry between the two (#nospoilers!).

Alright, I feel better. Man, this is almost more distracting than TikTok. I guess this is what happens when the weather is so miserable and I feel trapped on the internet. At least this rain seems to be finally doing some good for LA though.

The trees are looking greener, there’s snow on the mountains and the latest drought monitor says that a lot of California has almost completely escaped drought conditions. Finally some less ominous news, but still concerning given the fact that there were some slushy snowflakes falling on campus the other day.

I wonder how weather affects red carpets?

No! Stay focused!

Allegedly about eight inches of rain has fallen in the downtown LA/Highland Park area so far this year … no wonder Jenna Ortega’s heels were so high on the red carpet.

While scrolling down to the rest of the red carpet list nobody is even sticking out to me … at least in a good way. Overall assessment is the usual suspects came and conquered, everyone wearing a suit needs to step it up and nobody should ever be allowed to wear feathers to a public event ever again.

Okay, time for more real news.


The Oscars are this weekend, March 12? I need to go check out the nominees!

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