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Day in the Life

Isabel Liebgold is a sophomore photographer at The Occidental from Los Angeles, CA.  

“A Day in the Life” Photo Series

A Day in the Life is a new photo series where individual photographers from The Occidental’s Media Team can showcase their typical school day...

What did they wear? Dance Pro Edition

“Surprise Yourself.” Costume(s): Dancers wore light, ruffled turquoise dresses or plain white t-shirts with brown pants. Choreographer: Esmé Brown (junior). Courtesy to Marc Campos “It’s a Musical.” Costume(s): With no uniform costume, dancers donned various black and white patterns accented with red lipstick. Choreographers: London Murray (senior) and Sarah Dalessi (senior).  Courtesy to Cherry Zhixuan Han Carnival Szn!” Costume(s): Some dancers wore shirts with flags of Caribbean countries on

Skip the lib: sunny study spots

With midterms approaching, it may be stressful to find places to study. Fortunately, Occidental's campus has the perfect outdoor study spots. In an effort to...