“A Day in the Life” Photo Series


A Day in the Life is a new photo series where individual photographers from The Occidental’s Media Team can showcase their typical school day during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many Oxy students now attend college remotely, either from their childhood homes or in quarantined living spaces with friends. The shift from a public college life to now eating, sleeping and studying in a confined space has been a change that many are learning to cope with. This photo series offers a look into how students are making their at-home lives exciting and how they find peace in the simple things. This series also provides the opportunity to meet the illustrators and photographers who make The Occidental so great.

Marisa Emoto, a rising junior and majoring in art and art history with concentration in studio art. Aside from illustrating for The Occidental, she is a part of Oxy’s swim team. As of now, she is currently residing in Gilbert, AZ with her family.

7:30~8:30 AM — After waking up and downing a glass of water, I eat a light breakfast, mostly toast with jam or butter.

9~11 AM — On days which I do not have a morning class, I drive to a nearby riparian reserve with my mother to feed the ducks some oats and Cheerios. We also do some bird watching as we walk the trails. Pictured are Bobby and Billy, two crested ducks that I see every time that I visit. Billy often eats from my hand, and he is a gentle fella.

Lunch: 12~1 PM — After a morning walk and occasional grocery runs, it is time to eat some lunch. It is often leftovers from the night before. Today, I am eating some delicious, mildly spicy Japanese-style curry with rice.

1~6 PM — After lunch, I confine myself to my room to attend Zoom lectures and work on class assignments and projects and juggle it around with illustrations for newspaper and free-time sketching plus some short workouts.

One of the class assignments that I am working on is for ARTS 310, Advanced Projects in Drawing and Painting. It focuses on the representation of geisha from the East and the West.

6~7 PM — Once a week, I prepare dinner for the family to have a grasp of what living alone would look like and also practice time management and being mindful of nutrition. I forgot to document what I was cooking the other night, so here is me as a broccoli.

9PM—After getting ready for bed and settling down, I get my much needed social interaction by video chatting with close friends to hold “sober crackhead hours” before I doze off and catch some z’s. On my right is fellow coworker and classmate Zach Galen, while center and bottom is my best friend from high school.

*This article was updated on March 23 at 10:34 pm to include an additional photo and caption