CDC offers wider range of art internships


Nestled comfortably in Los Angeles, Occidental students have virtually unlimited access to museums, stage theaters and concert halls. Additionally, the convenient location creates opportunities for art-interested students to explore and enhance their knowledge in the art world.

This year, the Career Development Center (CDC) took advantage of the diversity of options in Los Angeles by offering internships to 43 students, in fields ranging from science to business. Eleven of these internships were art-based.

This ten-week program was made possible through InternLA in Southern California and InternPDX, based out of Portland, Oregon. This is the second year the CDC hosted the internship programs, and thanks to donations from individual donors, the students were paid for their participation.

Allegria Berg (senior) had the chance to intern for Monotone, Inc., a small music management brand in Hollywood. Berg worked Monday through Thursday doing general administrative work, running errands for artists and setting up venues, among other responsibilities.

“This internship narrowed down future career aspirations,” Berg said. “It was my first time working with a small company, so I saw the difference from a big company.”

Berg recommends the internship program because of what she learned about expectations as a manager and the hierarchy of organizations. “Research the industry you want to go into, see the expectations and work hours. It’s important to know there is a crazy schedule,” Berg said. She currently holds another internship at Atlantic Records.

Maira Solis (junior) interned at the Grammy Museum through InternLA, where she planned a three-week summer program, attended music workshops and chaperoned children for tour groups. According to Solis, it was a job that required maturity and a ready-to-work attitude.

“It taught job discipline,” Solis said. “It’s a fun experience, but only if you make it a fun experience.”

Solis enjoyed taking her mariachi band, in which she plays violin, to the museum. The internship helped Solis make new connections and inspired her to become an entertainment lawyer.

Oxy Arts Director Aandrea Stang added that this form of career preparation is critical because there are many different directions a career path can go. She emphasized that an integral part of an internship is making and maintaining relationships with professionals.

“Discipline is important, research skills, exceptional writing and thinking skills are critical,” Stang said. “Those are benefits that Oxy students come with.”

CDC Internship Coordinator Liselda Fabian also stressed the importance of students exploring many different career options.

“The process of career discernment is extremely important to the Career Development Center,” Fabian said via email. “Higher education research has shown time and again the importance of participating in high impact practices, like an internship, during college, that can have a positive effect on students.”


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