Nice Things Podcast – Episode 7


Your valiant hosts have returned from their foray into broadcast television in last week’s Electapalooza! election night webcast.

On the seventh episode of The Nice Things Show, we hold a few common post-election narratives up to a critical light, and are shocked to discover that most people don’t seem to know what they are talking about! We also give you our take on what the 2014 election means for American politics.

Your podcasters are horrified to discover that CNN “killed” the President of the United States in a news segment.  Also, the town of Denton, Texas voted to ban fracking, and then Texas Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick decided that the state of Texas is not going to recognize that vote and frack in Denton anyway.  Because if Texas is known for one thing, it’s disregarding local control.  What the frack.

Jian Ghomeshi was the host of Q, a Canadian current events talk show on the CBC.  He was fired amidst allegations from nine different women who say he sexually assaulted them, three of which have reported to police.  When you have nine different allegations against you, you’ve probably screwed up.  Really, really, really bad.

Two black men were assaulted by a white man in northern California in June, but it has taken until now for the incident to receive national attention.  The assailant, Joseph Paul Leonard, Jr. ran the two men down in his pickup truck, stomped on them with steel-toed boots, and swung a chain at them.  The two victims were feeding the homeless outside of a McDonald’s.  Leonard amazingly blamed both Obama and the victims themselves for his violent actions.  Racism is a very prevalent thing in America that keeps us form having many nice things, like upstanding citizens trying to make sure the homeless have a bite to eat.

Ted Cruz thinks net neutrality is the Obamacare of the internet; we of the internet-fluent demographic beg to differ.  Aside from trying to make sense of how Cruz could possibly think these two topics are similar, Cruz’s statement could now take an issue that has pretty much been bipartisan and turned it into a polarized talking point. Bipartisan action on an issue that affects everyone equally? Another nice thing we can’t have.

Mountain Dew introduced a new flavor: Nacho Cheese Doritos. Yep. It happened. And no, it’s not the Gaffe of the Week.

The Gaffe of the Week goes to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.  Kelly dropped an f-bomb while introducing Mike Huckabee on a segment, calling his show “F-ckabee.” Amazing.

If you want to know more about all the nice things we lost this week, tune in to The Nice Things Show!