Nice Things Podcast – Episode 8


On this exciting episode of the The Nice Things Show, your hosts took to discussing political polarization in the United States. More specifically, we discuss the recent vote on the Keystone XL pipeline, and why (surprise!) most of the arguments the oil company and Republican supporters are making are what we academics call “hogwash.”  The proposal to build the (new part of the) pipeline failed in the Senate, but for how long?  A new Republican Senate could still mean a new gigantic oil pipeline across the midwest and the largest aquifer in the heartland of America.  Check out this handy-dandy map.

It was also revealed that a coal company in Kentucky was caught fabricating certain parts of their environmental impact reports to downplay the negative impact. Meanwhile, an oil company in Colorado was revealed to be fracking near elementary schools, in mostly impoverished and minority communities.  Who didn’t see that one coming?

The FDA is considering revising its ban on gay men donating blood to something far more tolerant: a ban on blood from anyone who has had a male sexual partner in the last year.  On second thought, that’s actually not any more tolerant, is it?  Also, a homeless shelter in Missouri barred homeless gay couples from using their services–in a county where gay marriage is legal, no less.

Finally, the gaffe of the week goes to Dave and Buster’s for a racially charged pun they tweeted out on #TacoTuesday.

Tune in to The Nice Things Show to hear the details about all the nice things we’re being denied by the collective ineptitude of the world’s population!


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