Artisan cheese shop serves up in-season excellence


No longer do residents of Eagle Rock have to go to villages in the Swiss Alps, the plains of the Netherlands or the fields of Wisconsin to obtain top quality cheeses. A cheese shop of our very own has at last landed in Eagle Rock.

Milkfarm, an artisan cheese shop, opened in Eagle Rock on Colorado Boulevard. Among the many stores on Colorado Boulevard, the shop adds cheesy originality and classy ambiance to the Eagle Rock community.

Upon entering Milkfarm, customers are greeted by a cool breeze, friendly faces and an impressive array of cheeses, ranging from French Bucherondin to classic Wisconsin Cheddar.

Customers can also sit down and eat while shooting the Bries at the four-seat counter or at a large rustic table in the back of the store.

Owner Leah Park Fierro, who grew up in Southern California and has worked in the food industry for 15 years, dreamed opening up a small independent business in her hometown.

“I want it to feel very comfortable, but also feel like a learning experience for people who do not know about cheese, who are not familiar about seasonal food and locally-produced food,” Fierro said. “I want to know everybody by name. I want to know the community.”

In an effort to draw in and appeal to more customers, Milkfarm does not exclusively offer cheese and instead has broadened its options. Other choices of food are available, including grilled cheeses, baguettes, meat, chips and drinks.

Unlike other shops such as Subway or Quiznos where customers can build their own sandwiches to order, Milkfarm is purely a cut-to-order cheese shop that offers pre-prepared cheese and food. Fierro claims that expanding food options would pull too much away from cheese aspect of the shop; it would make them sandwich producers and not cheesemongers.

If so inclined, customers can easily buy all the ingredients to make their own sandwiches. Bread is delivered fresh daily to Milkfarm from Bread Lounge, a local artisan bakery in Los Angeles.

Milkfarm has also formed a partnership with local farmer Mike Scott so that fresh produce, farm fresh eggs and local honey are offered at the shop.

Fierro is currently trying to obtain an alcohol license so that she can sell wine and beer at Milkfarm.

The biggest attraction to the shop will by far remain the assortment of cheeses. Traditional cheeses like Manchego, Majorero and Beemster Extra Old will always be offered, according to Fierro. On top of that, seasonal cheeses will be offered, such as the current selection of Winnimere from Vermont.

Milkfarm’s addition to Eagle Rock certainly broadens the possible culinary adventures of the community residents while simultaneously taking a quaint and simple approach to local and trendy food shops.

Milkfarm is located at 2106 W. Colorado Blvd. It is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mon. through Sat. and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sun.