Emmons Wellness Center


What it is: Occidental’s hub for all things health-related, offering services for both physical and psychological health. Want a routine physical examination, a flu shot, access to vaccination records, or a session with a counselor? They have it covered.

When to go: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Keep an eye out for emails announcing changes to the regular schedule as well.

Where to go during off hours: Students with Occidental United Healthcare can find a list of off-campus providers recommended by Emmons on their website, but students with non-Occidental insurance should ask their insurance companies for a list of covered providers. If they do not have transportation, students can use a Zipcar or ask Emmons Wellness Center, Campus Safety, or Residential Education & Housing Services for a free taxi voucher.

Speaking of insurance … Students have the option to waive Occidental’s United Healthcare plan (and the $1,726 annual fee) if they are already covered by a comparable plan. A comparable plan is one that meets or exceeds the level of cost-sharing and has health care providers in the Eagle Rock or Los Angeles area. The last day to waive insurance is September 1.

Cost-sharing? One way of comparing insurance plans is through their deductibles, or the amount that customers have to pay before insurance steps in to cover the cost. Occidental United Healthcare has different deductibles depending on who the student sees for health services. For in-network services this amount is $100; for out-of-network, it is $300.

Another method of comparing plans is a co-payment, or a sum customers have to pay every time they use a health service. For example, Occidental United Healthcare requires a copay of either $15, $30 or $50 for a 30-day supply of a drug, depending on the drug.

How should I decide? Any U.S. citizens under 26 can be covered by their parent’s insurance, which can be a cheaper alternative. However, Occidental United Healthcare is mandatory for international students. Other groups such as athletes and those going abroad should take extra care in making sure other insurance plans adequately cover sports injuries or international heath care.

Cha-Ching: Many services are provided to students at no cost. Wellness and preventative visits require a co-pay of $10, and illness and injury visits are discounted at $50. Everything else is billed to insurance, although students with restrictive Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans may not be eligible.

Need to talk to someone? Emmons employs a staff of clinical psychologists to help students with either short-term crisis counseling or longer-term therapy. Up to 10 free sessions are provided to each student every day. In addition, there is a 24-hour confidential hotline (323-341-4141) available for immediate support and resource information.

Source: Emmons Student Wellness Center and Gallagher Student Health.


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