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I am a second-semester senior. This means I am in a constant state of stress regarding “life after graduation” and yet also a constant state of calm knowing I can legally get drunk and finally know what pants look good on my body type. I happily live far, far away from 1600 Campus Road, where I won’t have a Res Ed conduct meeting for having a candle in my room. Most importantly, I finally have spots. My spots. I have favorite places I can get to without a GPS.

I was pretentious as a first year and refused to talk to or hangout with other first years. I learned about a lot of restaurants, stores and hikes from older students, boys on Tinder and bosses at weird/slightly-exploitative unpaid internships. Occidental itself did not tell me about the majority of what I’ve listed below. If I leave nothing else behind on this campus than my dignity and my purity, may you all now know where to get the best pho, shrimp tacos and worn J. Crew pants. I give you: Wynne’s World Cool Things To Do Around Us.

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