“My favorite view of campus is from the benches on the quad that face Swan Hall. The piece of sky I see as I finish up my reading for a class or work on an illustration is always so serene.” -Emma Tiedemann (first year)
“The area just outside of Booth Hall with all the benches and trees is my favorite spot. Something about this side of campus feels a lot more calm and quiet. It’s a nice spot to meet up with a friend or just have some alone time and sketch.” -Layla Razvi (junior)
“The location I chose to paint was Stewart-Cleland Hall, more specifically ‘Stewie beach’ and the patio. Not only are the views from the hall gorgeous, but it’s also important to me because of the great memories my friends and I have made here in such a short amount of time.” -Mia Miller (first year)
“My favorite place on campus is this spot at the edge of the quad, in front of the fountain, where people can sit. I had my first dinner with friends here after quarantining. It is such a peaceful place. At night you can sit and look at the fountain light up with different colors and during the day you can lay down under the shadows of the trees.” -Tilly Depery (sophomore)
“This area of Chilcott Hall is my favorite spot because there is a wonderful outdoor seating area in the back there that is shaded and perfect for studying on a warm sunny afternoon. My friends are I have spent many wonderful afternoons silently working on homework together. Overall, the location of Chilcott Hall is beautiful and when I was told to draw a favorite spot on campus, I knew it had to be here.” -Rain Cha (first year)