World News – Week of Feb 10th


Copenhagen. The Copenhagen Zoo attracted criticism this week for its decision to kill a two-year-old giraffe. Zoo officials explained the action was an important step in combating inbreeding, which is a serious problem among captive populations. The giraffe was shot with a bolt gun and then dissected and fed to the zoo’s lions.

Al Jazeera

Petersburg, Ky. In a highly publicized debate, popular science icon Bill Nye, famous for his educational program for children, took on the founder of the Petersburg’s Creationism Museum Ken Ham. The debate took place in the museum’s main hall, with visitors from 29 states filling the 800 available seats. Neither participant expected to convince their opponent of their viewpoint, but both achieved their goal of publicizing their respective beliefs.

CBS News

Beirut. A recently imposed partial ceasefire in the city of Homs was broken on Saturday. Controlled by rebels, the city has suffered persistent bombardment from the regime based in Damascus. The warring factions agreed upon the ceasefire in order to provide for the evacuation of the civilian population and the delivery of aid. It is unclear whether the agreement was broken by a roadside bomb planted by rebels or by artillery bombardment from the military.

Fox News


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