World News Issue 8


Dallas. An exhibition of paintings by former President George W. Bush opened on Saturday at the George W. Bush Presidential Museum and Library. Entitled “The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy,” the exhibit features portraits of a dozen world leaders known personally by Bush during his time in office. The gallery includes Russian President Vladmir Putin, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair, Saudi Arabian monarch Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and several others. It is the first public exhibition Bush’s work since he began seriously painting in 2012. He explained that the paintings are an expression of the nature of his relationship with his subjects.

The Dallas Morning News

Kiev. Ukraine’s Central Electoral Commission blocked a man calling himself Darth Vader from participating in the upcoming presidential election. The would-be presidential candidate has held numerous small rallies in Kiev, donning the costume of the film character whose name he adopted. Nominated by the Internet Party, Vader expressed his wish to transition Ukraine from a federal presidential republic to a galactic empire. The spectacle of the candidate and his costumed entourage was covered extensively in the Russian media. Ukrainian officials have accused Russia of supporting Darth Vader’s candidacy to discredit the election.

BBC News