World News Issue 9


England., a British technology startup, began allowing nap time for its employees but eliminated the option after it resulted in decreased productivity in the office. Nap time turned out to be counter-productive as many employees would sleep past 15 minutes, and several felt groggy or would take even more time getting coffee or splashing water on their faces to wake themselves up. This decreased production by 55 percent. To regain efficiency, the startup created an “innovation lounge” instead, including mood lighting, music, televisions and reclining chairs.

BBC News

Pakistan. Nine-month-old Musa Khan was charged with murder for being present during a revolt by slum residents against workers at a gas company. The case gained media attention after images of the baby surfaced in which he was depicted crying with a milk bottle while recording his fingerprints. Several critics spoke out against the absurdity of the Pakistani judicial system in charging such a young child. Khan’s lawyer, Ifran Tarar, fought to have the child released on bail, arguing that Khan was too young to be prosecuted. All charges have been dropped against Khan.

New York Times


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