What in the World – Week of March 18


India. A bride walked out before her wedding ceremony Friday after her fiancé was unable to correctly answer a basic math problem. She asked her husband-to-be what 15 plus six is, and he responded with an answer of 17. The groom’s family then attempted to convince her to follow through with the arranged marriage. Still, she ended the betrothal, claiming she was lied to about her future husband’s education level. The local police facilitated the separation of the two families, dictating that both sides needed to return all wedding gifts.

Fox News

South Africa. A surgical team from Stellenbosch University in Cape Town performed the world’s first functional penis transplant. The operation lasted nine hours at the Tygerberg Hospital last December, but has only recently been confirmed as successful. Previous attempts to transplant a penis have been attempted in China, but the patient’s body rejected the new organ. The identity of the 21-year-old Cape Town patient is being kept confidential. After a failed circumcision left him with a one centimeter penis in 2008, he began the search for a donor. Similar operations are expected during the next three months.

BBC News


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