World News – Week of April 2


Indonesia. After confiscating over 1,000 pounds of marijuana Friday, police in Jakarta burned the drug and inadvertently caused an entire neighborhood to be affected by the fumes, giving many citizens a high. The marijuana was disposed of in mass at the police headquarters in the Tangerang district. After the incident, one journalist stated that he needed to “sit down and have a cup of tea.” About four pounds of crystal methamphetamines and 2,538 ecstasy pills were also confiscated, although it is unknown how police disposed of those drugs.

New York Daily News

Great Britain. The Charles Dickens Museum in London acquired the desk on which the author first wrote “Great Expectations” for public display. This purchase was possible thanks to a £780,000 grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund. The desk would have otherwise been sold at public auction. Dickens also composed “Our Mutual Friend” and the unfinished “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” at the desk.

BBC News

China. A Muslim man from the Xinjiang province in China was sentenced to six years in jail Sunday for “provoking trouble” by growing out his beard. City officials suggested the man cut his beard but he refused, resulting in his conviction. The man’s wife was sentenced to two years in prison for wearing a burqa and veil. Chinese officials reason these laws are in place “to uphold social stability and lasting political stability.” This encounter was a result of “Project Beauty,” an anti-extremism campaign across Xinjiang that pressures Uighur Muslims show their faces uncovered.

USA Today