World News – Week of April 22


Belgium. Three zebras escaped a local ranch in Brussels Friday. The zebras on the loose roamed the streets of the capital, followed by police in an attempt to capture them. A friend of the owner explained that the zebras were most likely upset because their owner had recently sold his horses that shared their stables. He reported that the zebras were angry, which prompted them to run out into the streets. ”Luckily there were no injuries, nobody got hurt,” he added. Local police returned the zebras safely, although the hashtag #Zebragate had already begun to spread on social media.

BBC News

Switzerland. A robot that was seized by Swiss police for purchasing drugs online in January was released on Sunday. Darknet Shopper is a programmed robot designed to search the web for black markets and purchase items with bitcoins. Most of the items the robot bought were counterfeit Nike shoes, but police also tracked a purchase of ecstasy. After a three month investigation, the case was closed and the robot has been allowed to continue purchasing online merchandise.

The Guardian

China. The Chinese Communist Party has reportedly established a hotline within an anti-corruption agency to crack down on sports—specifically, golf. There are specific regulations against traveling to golf tournaments, playing with coworkers and betting on golf, which compare the sport to “fine liquor and tobacco, fancy cars and mansions.” The Communist Party newspaper stated that golf is a bad influence on Chinese citizens in a publication last week. This is not the first time the country has placed bans on the sport; in 2004, the Chinese government attempted to prevent any future golf course openings.

Los Angeles Times

India. The Indian Supreme Court approved a proposal by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) Monday, that aims to ban cars older than 15 years in the nation’s capital, New Delhi. As one of the most polluted cities in the world, New Delhi has been searching for ways to reduce car use. The air in the city has reached high toxicity levels, making it difficult to breathe properly. “One tribunal is trying to do something which is good for the people,” Chief Justice H. L. Dattu said. India’s official minister of roads, transport and highways has requested a grace period of six months to phase out the old automobiles.

TIME Magazine


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