Seahawks vs. Broncos: Bucking the System or 'Return of the Great in 48'


For those who missed it, the Super Bowl just ended. It was easy to miss this year because there was nothing super about any of it.

The football game (which is still the main event, technically) was like watching a professional team play a bunch of children. The coin toss was a microcosm for the entire game: An old quarterback made a mistake and the Seahawks came out victorious.

Then there were the commercials, which are famous for being outlandish, crazy and often sexual. There was one, maybe two commercials worth watching. Disappointment does not even begin to describe the commercial experience this year.

The halftime show could have been the only saving grace too bad the performer was Bruno Mars. The Red Hot Chili Peppers provided the nudity of the evening. Curious how they (wonderful, amazing band that they are) can go shirtless, but Justin Timberlake pulls off a teeny portion of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe and the whole sports world goes into a tailspin. For the last 10 years, it has been amazing to think that it is all because of one boob. Well, not the Broncos playing the worst game of football in recent memory, but the new, boring, animal-filled commercials and the lackluster halftime show.

To be fair: Timberlake did warn her that he would have her naked by the end of the song. But also to be fair: Timberlake needed something to come out of his phase as a member of a boy band, and he was the one who ripped it off, not Jackson. So, really, blaming just Jackson all these years later is unfair.

But the real question that remains is why American society, or at least the NFL, has not gotten over such an event. Scholars and academics have been researching for the past 10 years what has changed since that halftime show. And things certainly have changed in the Super Bowl. The pomp and circumstance is gone; the Super Bowl is no longer the spectacle that it once was. It is just another football game for all intents and purposes.

And there are a lot of people who were really disappointed by that aspect of this year’s Super Bowl. There was very little about which to Facebook for everyone but Seattle fans and the few brave Broncos fans who signed on after the game.

Finally, the most epic game of the football season seems to have returned to what it is meant to be: a football game. Maybe the game was horrid this year, but it’s a game of football, not a commercial stomping ground or a halftime show. So if people don’t know who is playing the actual game, then there should be nothing for them to watch.

No one is going to miss the “who’s playing?” question during the middle of the biggest sporting event of the year. So here’s to going back to the game of football and throwing out the rest of the garbage distractions.