Rising Stars — Spring 2016


Allison Kilday

Women’s Track & FieldHurdles

Do you have any specific memory, particular race, a funny anecdote, anything like that?

At state my senior year, my last race of my high school career, I was predicted to win in the 100 hurdles and … the 300 hurdles. In the finals of the 100 hurdles, I hit the last hurdle, fell, and was knocked out. And I ended up crawling across the finish line and I didn’t get to do the 300 hurdles, so that was kind of awful and I was really upset about it. But the light in the tunnel was that I could come here and hurdle and continue my experiences.

What are your pre-meet rituals?

The morning of, I get up and I always do my hair in a crown braid. And then on the way to the meet — I don’t know if you know Jeremy Bloom*, but he made this really cool Oxy track and field video and I always watch that before I run, because it’s really inspirational. And also, I always tuck my laces into my shoes, because one time I was in the starting blocks and I looked down and I realized my laces weren’t tied.

*Bloom is a Weekly staff member.


Reid Gibbs

Men’s Baseball Shortstop

Has there been any one person in your life who has had a profound impact on your development as a player?

It was probably my baseball coach. He was my coach for the past six years.

Who is your role model athlete?

I’m not really sure. My favorite player growing up was Jemile Weeks. He was on the A’s, and he was sort of a one-hit-wonder, because he did really well his rookie year, and then he sort of tailed off. But he was like a 5’9” baseball payer who was just really, really gritty, and you just knew that he worked hard. I don’t know, I like him a lot. Also, I just like the A’s.

What is your one song you listen to before games, during workouts?

Well, my walk up song right now is “Kiss Me Through the Phone”

What is one aspect of your game you want to improve?

Definitely my fielding, right now. I think that’s why I’m really out there on the field, and that’s what my coaches tell me. I feel like that’s something I could definitely improve on.


Kira Elliot

SoftballLeft Field

Has there been any one person who has had a big impact on your development as a player?

One of my coaches — I’m from San Diego — coached at San Diego State for a little bit, so he would take our team to watch the State players and so that was really cool. That was always our goal, to one day play in college.

When did you realize you wanted to play in college?

Probably my first travel ball team, so that was when I was in seventh or eighth grade, with that same coach. Just taking us to those games and watching the girls play — we idolized them. And it’s cool, because some of the girls from my team back then actually play at San Diego State now, so it’s come full circle.

What do you and your teammates do to bond off the field?

We usually have dinner with each other every night, and also 21 Choices is a favorite, Donut Friend, mostly eating it seems. Oh, “The Bachelor,” we watch the Bachelor every Monday.


Andrew McCall

Men’s Track & FieldHurdles

When did you first start running track?

I didn’t start, seriously, until my junior year of high school … I just happened to be walking by one day on my way to football lifting, and I saw the track coach and he stopped me and convinced me, on the spot, to start running … I didn’t take track too seriously my junior year — I had a pretty bad PR — so I didn’t talk to any coaches for track. But my senior year of high school, I broke my leg in my first game of football, so when that healed up I just really started dedicating myself to track.

Do you have any pre-match rituals?

Yeah man, I eat bell peppers, that’s my thing. Orange bell peppers, it’s the best flavor. I did it all throughout high school, I had bell peppers before I ran. If I don’t have time to cut it up before I leave for the meet, I’ll just eat it anyways.

What’s your favorite sports team?

I’m a Browns fan. It’s not a fun life.


Neah Bois

Women’s LacrosseGoalie

What do you like about playing for Oxy’s team?

When I used to ski, my entire life was skiing. I did nothing else. And when I quit skiing, I realized that I can do all this other stuff, so I decided that never again will I play a sport that dictates my entire life. So it’s nice here, like I do so much other stuff on campus … I’m on Peer Health Exchange, I do Project S.A.F.E., Advisory Council, worked for the LGBT center last semester.

What do you find so rewarding about lacrosse?

The team aspect of it. The fact that I used to do downhill ski racing, which is a very individual sport. The fact that even if you win or you lose, you’re always supporting each other, so that connection and chemistry that a team can have I find really rewarding.

Do you have a funny anecdote about your experiences with lacrosse?

We all have our weird little quirks. So, for me, I talk and sing to myself in the cage sometimes when I get bored.