Joleen Galeazzi-Pimentel: Welcoming the newest athletic trainer to campus

Athletic Facility
The Culley Athletic Center at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA. Sept. 30, 2022. Luka Jackson/The Occidental

Occidental College welcomed Joleen Galeazzi-Pimentel as its newest athletic trainer in July 2022. According to Galleazzi-Pimental, she has an extensive background working in athletic training and kinesiology with degrees from California State University, Los Angeles and Azusa Pacific University.

As a soccer player, Galeazzi-Pimentel said her kinesiology journey began with a passion for movement and sports.

“I played soccer my entire life and in college and always loved being around an active environment,” Galeazzi-Pimentel said. “I was introduced to athletic training after tearing my ACL, which then required surgery and extensive rehabilitation. I enjoyed learning about the body and the different treatment techniques.”

Galeazzi-Pimentel said she already had some familiarity with the college and its sports facilities before she applied for the position — as she is a Pasadena native.

Patterson Field
Student-athletes practice on Patterson Field at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA. Feb. 3, 2022. Grace Meadows/The Occidental.

“I actually played a soccer game on the turf field and trained on the upper grass fields,” Galeazzi-Pimentel said. “I had a friend that worked in the SCIAC conference and told me nothing but great things about Joe, the head athletic trainer, so when I saw the job posting I decided to apply. Actually, multiple people had great things to say about Joe and Oxy.”

According to Joseph Gonzalez, assistant athletic director for sports medicine, Galeazzi-Pimentel has begun to make connections with student-athletes on campus.

“Joleen is a talented and professional athletic trainer who has already made a positive impact on the healthcare of our student-athletes,” Gonzalez said. “Joleen has a particular interest in the injury rehabilitation aspect of her job, and this is apparent in the time she spends working with injured student-athletes.”

Tyler Auston, a fellow athletic trainer at Occidental, said that athletic trainers are an important component of the athletic program and are in constant communication with other members of the athletic department.

“We are always on guard in case there is an emergency situation on campus,” Auston said. “We are in constant communication between coaches, physicians and physical therapists to help support our athletes and give them the best care possible.”

According to Safiya Zavala-Sweet, a first-year cross-country runner, athletic trainers are a great help to student-athletes.

“It’s really nice having their services so easily accessible after practice and knowing you can go to them if you have any concerns,” Zavala-Sweet said.

Galezzi-Pimentel said that she starts her mornings and ends her evenings with a walk with her dog Harley, and that working out at the gym is a regular part of her routine.

Gonzalez said he is excited to continue to work with Galeazzi-Pimentel because of her positive attitude, willingness to learn and unique playlists in the training rooms.

“She is only in her tenth week with us here at Oxy, so she is still learning specific policies, procedures and the day-to-day operations of the Oxy sports medicine department,” Gonzalez said. “But Joleen has approached this challenge with a positive attitude, and a desire and willingness to learn. Joleen also has great taste in music. I’ve enjoyed her reggaeton playlist in our athletic training room.”

Looking forward, Galeazzi-Pimentel said she is excited to explore Occidental more.

“Oxy is a lot bigger than the last college I worked at so I am excited for the variety of sports they offer and for the additional resources they have in the sports medicine department,” Galeazzi-Pimentel said. “I also really enjoy learning and growing with my amazing co-workers.”

According to Auston, Joleen Galeazzi-Pimentel is an excellent colleague within the athletic department.

“She adds a more grounded aspect to our athletic training staff and her laugh is very contagious,” Auston said. “She has really good energy around her that gives the AT Room good vibes. I am sure the athletes appreciate her team spirit as she cheers on her teams on the sidelines.”